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If you want to get hired as software developer at Google, Amazon, Meta and other top tech companies, we boost you up.

1v1 Algorithm Courses

Google/FB Senior Engineer Private One-to-One Only live class. 7 * 24 online Q & A. Any questions directly ask Google/Meta senior engineers. Choose the topics you like to learn. Bring questions to the class.

Program1: Algorithm Class Program2: Advanced Algorithm Class Program3-1: Coding Practice Class Program3-2: Interview Questions Practice(Recommended before the interview) System Design Mock Interview Resume Review/Buildup And all above included ---- our Long Term Program. Give us 3-6 month and we land you an offer at FAANG. Best financial investment ever!

1v1 System Design Courses

Google/Amazon/Meta 12+ YOE Engineer Private One-to-One Live class. Live Class Only. No recording. 7 * 24 online Q & A. Any questions directly ask Google/Amazon/Meta 12+ Year Of Experience Engineers. Resume development. Mock Interviews with the real interviewer.

1v1 Career Service

Resume/Career Consulting

Full-stack Development Projects

DS and Algorithms

System Design

Mock Interviews (Google, Amazon, Uber, Meta...)

We have authored several pieces on algorithm and system design. Keep an eye as we'll be posting new articles on a weekly basis.

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