Report On FAANG Salaries

Google and Netflix are the two from the FAANG companies that pay the highest average salaries to software engineers in the United States. FAANG companies do not ‌skimp on their salaries because of the value the software engineers bring to the company. Netflix even has a policy where they encourage their employees to interview different places and bring back the offers they get. If Netflix sees that they’re being outbid they’ll increase your salary and do the same for everyone across the company in similar roles.

In this article, we analyzed the different specialties of a software engineer and FAANG software engineer salaries.


  • The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG by role

  • The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG by company

  • FAANG software engineering salaries by company and seniority

  • Software engineering salaries by location

The average salary for a software engineer at FAANG

Let's check out some salary data for workers at FAANG companies, across five areas:

The average salary for a Front-end developer

Cloud computing engineer

Machine learning engineer/ data science engineer

Mobile engineer

Test and QA engineer

FAANG software engineer salaries - by company and level

Amazon Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

Google Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

Apple Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

Meta Software Engineering Salaries Across Levels:

Do you wanna earn FAANG level salaries ...?

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You don’t have to be a genius to work at a FAANG company.

The hardest part is getting an interview. These companies receive so many applications that getting shortlisted for an interview requires your resume to showcase achievements and experience that are much better than other applicants. This can be hard to assess since you do not know how good (or bad) other applicants are relative to you. From our past experience, references/recommendations from a current employee will significantly boost your chances of landing an interview.

Once you are invited for an interview, it gets slightly easier. These companies have a very rigid interview process, usually spread over several rounds (each being progressively more difficult than the last). If you can come up with a process to tackle these interviews, you stand a good chance of getting an offer.

Getting past these interviews requires plenty of preparation. Even if you have like over 10 years of industry experience, you still wouldn’t even get past the phone screen for a FAANG company. You need to prepare specifically for their interview process.

Getting into these companies depends a lot more on your ability to crack their interviews than on your skills. It requires the right preparation. AOneCode can help you boost your interview skills, and direct you on what to focus on while preparing.

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