Mastering The FAANG Coding Interview: How The Grading System Works?

Do you know how FANG grades coding interviews for software engineers? How does the grading system work in FANG? What are the grading standards in Google? Also it's not enough to solve the problem; you also need to pay attention to other important factors:

  • Questions clarifications

  • Upfront estimation and options

  • Edge cases and exceptions

  • Sub functions and main function

  • Test cases

  • Time and space complexity

  • Optimization

  • Bug-free coding

  • Miscellaneous

    1. coding style

    2. naming


    4. typing

    5. logical and maintainable

Additionally, some companies have their own special rounds or focuses. For example:

  • Amazon, Uber like to interview the lower level design.

  • TikTok and Amazon may present difficult OA questions.

  • Certain small/mid-sized companies may focus on hands-on API development.

  • Some companies are highly selective when it comes to making hiring decisions, such as Snowflake and TikTok.

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